Understanding Society

As specialists in people and society, we are concerned about the world around us. We aim to use our research to contribute to a better understanding of society, on the basis of which we can seek solutions to social problems.

Tilburg Research Magazine

Tilburg Research anniversary edition 2017: IMPACT

90 years of connecting people and knowledge

Tilburg University came to light in 1927. Its founders’ philosophy was that the academic world and society are closely connected. This vision is still very much engrained in our education and research. In this era of ‘alternative facts’ and criticism of alleged elitism, we must once again prove ourselves.  A university must seek connections with society and make its contribution clear, states Emile Aarts, rector of Tilburg University.  Over the coming years, this vision will receive new impetus both in education and in research. Societal impact is a key ingredient.

This anniversary issue of Tilburg Research features many stories about impact and is available as an online magazine. We’re already looking forward to our 100th anniversary!