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Tilburg University Open Access Book Fund

Published: 18th October 2022 Last updated: 18th October 2022

On the occasion of the International Open Access Week 2022, Tilburg University Library gladly presents the Open Access book Fund Pilot. Tilburg University-affiliated authors can apply for funding to publish their monograph or edited volume.

Open Access means that a work is made openly and freely available in a digital fashion. Anyone who is interested is able to read, review or build on this work, without bumping into the paywall of a publisher.

Publishing a book Open Access can be quite costly, because publishers ask substantial book processing charges (BPC’s) for making the work openly available. In order to stimulate publishing Open Access books, the Tilburg University Library launched a pilot fund to reimburse a considerable part of the book processing charges.

Application process

If you are a Tilburg University researcher and you want to publish your book Open Access, you might be eligible for funding. We try to help as much authors as possible, but yet we cannot predict how many exactly before the fund will be fully drawn.

The pilot is deployed to learn about supply and demand for funding Open Access books in Tilburg. When successful, we might be able to continue funding in the future. When you want to apply for funding, please check the requirements carefully. If you are positive that your book project satisfies the conditions, please contact for the application procedure.


  • The Tilburg University Open Access Book Fund covers a maximum of €5,000 (incl. VAT) per book, up to a maximum of 50% of the book processing charges (BPC). We expect TiU authors to fund at least 50% from other sources.
  • The book is published by an academic publisher
  • The book is a monograph or edited volume, not an educational textbook or a popular adaptation of your scientific work.
  • The Tilburg University Open Access Book Fund does not cover copyright permission costs (i.e. fees for usage of figures/tables).
  • You are the lead author and you are employed by Tilburg University.
  • The book must be peer reviewed academically.
  • The publication will include a clear Open Access license (such as Creative Commons/CC-BY).
  • You can provide the publisher’s contract with an official indication of the expected BPC.
  • Your funder (e.g. NWO, ZonMw, Horizon) cannot cover the full amount of BPC.