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Open Science Platforms offer solutions to share data, code, hypotheses, research designs, drafts and samples with peers, in order to make research projects more accessible, verifiable and robust and to enlarge the impact. Some Tilburg University researchers developed a couple of brand new and innovative research platforms, such as the Tilburg Science Hub and Hypergraph.

Tilburg Science Hub

Tilburg Science Hub, an online resource, helps individual researchers, data scientists, and teams to carry out data- and computation-intensive projects efficiently. It provides information about workflow and data management and tutorials on how to organize and document data and code, so the research becomes sustainable and reproducible. This in turn leads to time savings and transparency in the process. Students and researchers  are invited to use this resource and contribute to it as well.

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Hypergraph is an interdisciplinary and fully open science platform for 'modular' research: researchers can contribute to a research project by adding building blocks (or modules) to answer the general research question. Someone works, for example, on the dataset, someone else adds an introduction or a piece of body text, and so on. The platform stimulates co-creation, transdisciplinary research and utilization of all scientific disciplines and backgrounds.

The platform is developed by Liberate Science, a venture by Chris Hartgerink, who obtained his PhD in Tilburg. With TiU scholars Hans van Dijk and Marino van Zelst he launched the first trial research project, open for everyone to contribute, called Many Paths.

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