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Pre-registration for Qualitative Research?

Pre-registration is an open science practice to avoid p-hacking and other questionable research practices. The method is more common within fields of quantitative studies. In this skills course we investigate whether the preregistration format could also be used to boost the credibility of qualitative research, for instance in the fields of Humanities and Law.

Some may object to the idea of preregistering qualitative studies because qualitative research generally does not test hypotheses, and because qualitative research design is typically flexible and subjective. We rebut these objections, arguing that making hypotheses explicit is just one feature of preregistration, that flexibility can be tracked using preregistration and that preregistration would provide a check on subjectivity.

  • Instructor: Dr. Leonie van Grootel, lecturer/researcher at the School of Social & Behavioral Sciences, Tilburg University
  • When: November 6, 2019: 15.00-16.30 hrs
  • Where: L 104


To participate, please send an e-mail to Daan Rutten, Open Science Coordinator of Tilburg University

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