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Second Thoughts, an Open Educational Resource

Maureen Sie and Bart Engelen (Department of Philosophy) edited an Open Educational Handbook for students and anyone else interested in philosophy. The book is now published by Open Press TiU and openly available.

Cover Second Thoughts, an Open Educational Resource

In Second Thoughts: First Introductions to Philosophy, readers can find a variety of introductory essays on many important subfields and approaches of philosophy: such as political philosophy, epistemology, or metaphysics. The chapters offer approaches and perspectives to think about society, humans, reality and thinking as such.

The contributions are all written by well-acclaimed academics: Monica Meijsing, Herman Philipse, Jenny Slatman, Thijs Lijster, Constanze Binder, Tim De Mey and many others. The content is truly Open Access, which means the born-digital edition can be downloaded and disseminated freely. Others are invited to use the material in their courses, to build upon it and further develop the contents.

Open Educational Resource

Second Thoughts is more than just an Open Access publication: it is a true open project or Open Educational Resource. The content is not fixed: more chapters will be added on fields and themes not yet discussed, and authors are invited to update and revise the parts that have been published. Essays will be added annually. Every chapter has an own identity (and own Digital Object Identifier) and can find a life of its own. Via PubPub (an open-source publishing platform) and the work of JOTE (Journal of Trial and Error) this important open aspect of the book will soon be emphasized even more. This way, the book becomes a platform itself, a living network that evolves and organically connects to other educational resources and media, such as online courses (the MOOC of Tim de Mey).

Bookpresentation 16 September 2021

For those preferring a paper copy, it is possible to order a hard or soft cover version via Open Press TiU. TiU students and Open Science Community Tilburg members will be offered a free copy at the official presentation of the book on 16 September 2021, 20.00 in club Paradox, Tilburg, as part of Hartslagcafé by Studium Generale.

Maureen Sie and Bart Engelen

Bart Engelen and Maureen Sie - photo by Ton Toemen