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PhD Day 2018

Come and explore the Ins & Outs of a PhD track

Are you involved with a PhD track? And would you like to know more about the Ins and Outs?

The rector, TiPP and Academic Services jointly organize the first edition of Tilburg University’s PhD Day on March 29, 2018.

The program will kick off at 12:30 with a plenary session in which current developments will be discussed and two PhD graduates will be awarded the PhD thesis awards. In the second part of the program there will be a number of workshops on topics relevant to all PhD candidates. The day will end with a networking reception to which you are all invited.

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12.30 Welcome
12.45-13.00 Opening by the Rector
13.00-14.30 Results of the PhD survey
Roleplay performance: PhD-supervisor relationship in an international setting
PhD thesis awards Break
15.00-15.45 Workshops (round 1)
16.00-16.45 Workshops (round 2)
17.00 Networking reception


There are two rounds of workshops. For each round, you can choose one of the following workshops:

Presentation skills

Do you struggle to convey your enthusiasm for your research, or do you fail to convince others of its value? Then come and participate in the PhD pitch workshop! In this workshop you will be given tips, tricks and tools for making short and sweet introductions about your research.

This workshop will be given by Patrick van der Zande who has a PhD in Social Science from Radboud University Nijmegen/Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics and works as a lecturer in English at the TiU Language Center.

Citizen Science

Citizen science is sometimes described as "public participation in scientific research", participatory monitoring and participatory action research. In the workshop Citizen Science we will explore where research and society meet and how you can make the most of that collaboration.

The workshop will be given by Ton Wilthagen and Marieke Schoots. They are responsible for the theme of Empowering the Resilient Society within the Impact Program of Tilburg University.

Stress management / mindfulness

Stress? Let it go with mindfulness.

Mindfulness is having a nonjudgmental (even curious) attention to present moment phenomena. This is radically different from our daily approach and usually requires a lot of practice (but not always necessarily). We will experience some immediate effects of some mindfulness practice and discuss the potential long-term effects as well.

This workshop will be given by Ivan Nyklicek, associate professor at the department of Medical and Clinical Psychology (TSB). He conducts research into the effects of mindfulness on reducing stress-related complaints. He gives training in mindfulness, also known as attention-training.

Teaching skills

In this interactive workshop, you will discuss tips and challenges in preparing for and conducting workgroups. Participants will be encouraged to send in their ‘learning objectives’ or difficulties regarding teaching, and the workshop content will be tailored to that.

This workshop will be given by Loes Keijers, associate professor at the department of Developmental Psychology (TSB). She won the Teacher of the Year award at the university’s 2017 Education Bazaar and is currently a nominee for the same award at the national-level organized through Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg (ISO).

Supervision skills

As all PhDs know, supervision is a subtle art. This workshop will provide participants with general information about master thesis supervision (i.e. different stages of the thesis process). In addition it will look into the necessary competences of a supervisor, best and worse practices, students and student needs. The workshop will have a highly interactive nature, which helps participants to become the best supervisor possible.

Sanne Buisman is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Criminal Law. She researches the criminalization of breaches of sale contracts at the Dutch and EU level. Sanne started her academic career as a teacher at Utrecht University (2012) and started teaching at Tilburg Law School in 2013. In 2014 she was involved in designing a new master thesis course for the Master Rechtsgeleerdheid. To date she coordinates the Master Thesis Course for the Department of Criminal Law. In 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 she was awarded with the Best upcoming Teacher Award, Best Teacher First Year Bachelor respectively.

Open Science

Are you interested in Open Science? In this workshop you will discover how to leverage open to improve your research. We will share a wide range of practices, such as publishing open access, sharing your data on open platforms, and reusing and making reusable educational materials.

This workshop will be given by Marino van Zelst, who is a PhD candidate at the department of Organization Studies, and Hylke Annema from Tilburg University Library.


This workshop will be given by Ruud Sneep. Ruud is a self-proclaimed Entreprenerd. In this workshop he will be speaking of how he was able to integrate his passion for conducting research with initiating and developing new business concepts.

Ruud is concluding his PhD in Innovation & Entrepreneurship at TiSEM and has developed several businesses in The Netherlands as well as abroad (e.g. Germany, Spain and Brasil). His latest concept is Ten Feet Tall, an "Entrepraineeship" programme, via which he has opened his own portfolio of companies for students whom aspire a career as entrepreneur. 

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  • Who: PhD candidates and academic staff from all Schools
  • Language: English
  • Where: Auditorium, Tilburg University
  • When: March 29, 2018 from 12.30 to 17.00, followed by a networking reception
  • Costs: Participation is free of costs

When: 29 March 2018 12:30

End date: 29 March 2018 17:00

Where: Cobbenhagen building