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Current progress of the Participation Act

Since the implementation of the Participation Act, many employers have been stimulated to at least think about hiring someone with a disability. In contradiction, the government is not as far in this process and has a long way to go. Merely one third of people with a disability are employed.

Unfortunately, in spite of the good intentions of many employers, they encounter several problems when wanting to hire someone with a disability, and an employer-focused approach is stilllacking. The government has decentralized the issue and made the municipalities responsible. The government motivates employers by offering wage dispensation as well as job coaching for the employees. As regulations have become so complex, it would be advisable to make an employers' coach available as well. Tilburg University contributes to this social issue by research on employers' opinions and needs, and by collaborating with groups of employers working on innovative initiatives by helping them create new work and making connections. Due to the problem's complexity, it is clear we still have a long way to go!

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