Tilburg Young Academy

Claudia Zucca

A tenure track assistant professor at the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS -Tilburg University)

Can you introduce yourself?

I am an Assistant Professor of Organizational Networks in the Data Analytics unit at the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science. I am also a Marie Curie Alumna since I obtained an industrial Ph.D. from the University of Exeter within the project VOTEADVICE in collaboration with Kieskompas (Amsterdam), Vrije Universiteit, and Koç University (Istanbul). Previously, I worked for two years as a Post Doctoral researcher at the University of Glasgow. My expertise focuses on methodology and data science applied to politics, public policy, and organizational studies. 

Young Academy

Research and education are two important pillars of academia. What do they mean to you?

I believe that teaching and researching are two complementary aspects of the academic career, and I enjoy working on both at the same time. To be a good lecturer, it is crucial to achieve a very high level of clarity while explaining concepts. Clarity looks easy from the outside, but it requires a large deal of work behind the scenes. Doing this work with the goal of teaching concepts to someone else makes me a better researcher. The most important discovery is pointless if it cannot be communicated to a broader audience. At the same time, the research work I conduct satisfies my intellectual curiosity, contributes to the collective knowledge, and makes me a better teacher who can introduce students to cutting-edge innovation to build a better society together.

I am sure you all have topics that are important to you. What is your main focus in the TYA?

Since we live in a very complex society where simple actions have unpredictable consequences, it is difficult to understand problems and find solutions. My main goal is to increase collaboration between young scholars from different disciplines. Only by collaborating and sharing knowledge, we could make a real impact on shaping the present. Therefore, I would like to work to increase communication and collaboration across different departments and universities. We have enormous resources, and I want to contribute to putting them to work to a more significant extent by nurturing a network of expertise from which everyone can benefit.

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