Topics Politics and governance

Politics and governance

Trust in the government is declining, polarization is causing heated debates, and globalization seems to be taking away people’s grip on their lives. Meanwhile, we are faced with major social challenges, both locally and globally. How can citizens and small businesses be better heard? How does democracy and governance work at the local, regional and global levels and in between? How do we keep democracy healthy?

Tilburg University studies these issues in close contact with practice; not only from the perspective of law and public administration, but also from economic, ethical, social and digital sciences.

Experts and their expertise

  • Frank Hendriks

    Frank Hendriks


    #democracy #referenda #citizen forums

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  • Ingrid Leijten

    Ingrid Leijten


    #constitutional law #trust in government

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  • Joks Janssen

    Joks Janssen

    Professor of Practice

    #broad prosperity #environmental policy #region


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