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Tilburg Young Academy (TYA)

The Tilburg Young Academy brings together early career academics from the University’s various Schools who aim to jointly contribute to making Tilburg University a place to flourish. As a group of academics with a variety of different theoretical and methodological backgrounds, we critically reflect upon current research and educational policies, and aim to promote ways-of-working that enhance the credibility of science. We also particularly care about the well-being and personal development of young academics at our university.


The Tilburg Young Academy aims to represent local young academics and flexibly provides its opinion on an ad-hoc basis. At the same time, the members of the Young Academy develop initiatives around a variety of different themes.

  • David Peeters

    David Peeters

    President Tilburg Young Academy (TYA)

    Work pressure

    President David Peeters: “The work pressure for young academics is incredibly high. Many aspects of the current academic system contribute to the perception that we are constantly participating in a competitive rat race with our local, national, and international peers. Time has come for a change in focus towards collaboration and team science, properly valuing open science practices, and a realistic climate of recognition and rewards in general.”


    “At several occasions over the coming years, we will invite young academics to self-nominate and join our Young Academy. In selecting new generations of members, we will particularly devote full attention to making sure that our group of members is as diverse and inclusive as possible. We hope to set an example that the university as a whole will follow.”


    Also interdisciplinarity is a topic that the Young Academy will address. 

    Peeters: “The different Schools and Departments at Tilburg University have a lot to offer in terms of knowledge and skills, but we often do not know well enough how to find each other. Interdisciplinary collaboration now mostly takes place within the different Schools or Departments. We hope to also actively promote collaboration between Schools”.


Tilburg Young Academy roept op de geest van de nieuwe CAO te eren

Tilburg Young Academy, een onafhankelijk platform voor getalenteerde jonge Tilburgse wetenschappers, is bezorgd dat de lokale uitwerking van de CAO niet altijd strookt met de beoogde doelen van de CAO, noch met de waarden die Tilburg University voorstaat.

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The Tilburg University Young Academy is up and running

The kick-off of the Tilburg Young Academy is a fact. A platform of thirteen young researchers has come together for the first time. Rector Klaas Sijtsma instructed the group to make themselves heard loud and clear.

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