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Young Academy Tilburg University (TYA)

Following in the footsteps of most other Dutch universities, Tilburg University also has a platform for young scientists. From all five Schools, thirteen young scientists were delegated to the Academy. Although an action plan has yet to be drawn up with concrete goals, Keymolen states that possible themes with which the Academy would like to work have already been discussed.


The Academy’s agenda will probably be partly in line with widely supported themes. 

Keymolen: “The work pressure for young academics is very high, we all notice that. Moreover, this does not only affect academics, but also students. Research has already been done and much has been written about it, but it has not been resolved yet. In order to tackle this error in the system, we want to collaborate with the Young Academies of other universities. Together, we can also make ourselves heard in The Hague.”


Diversity will probably also get a place in the action plan.

 “The first batch of this Academy has been nominated. It is now up to us to set up a nomination procedure for future members. I assume that we will pay extra attention to diversity in the consultation and recruitment of people from non-Western backgrounds.”


Also interdisciplinarity is a subject that the Young Academy may want to address. 

Keymolen: “We all agree that we have a lot of in-house knowledge, but don’t know well enough how to find each other. Often, interdisciplinary collaboration now only takes place within our own Schools or Departments. We want to promote collaboration between Schools”.


The Tilburg University Young Academy is up and running

The kick-off of the Tilburg Young Academy is a fact. A platform of thirteen young researchers has come together for the first time. Rector Klaas Sijtsma instructed the group to make themselves heard loud and clear.

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