Young Academy

Young Academy: Mission Statement and Vision

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Mission statement

The TYA is a self-governing body that brings together a diverse group of young academics with the goal to:  

  1. Establishing and promoting ways-of-working that ensure the credibility of science as an independent and invaluable source of knowledge;
  2. Develop and critically reflect upon research and education policies in Tilburg, the Netherlands and beyond; 
  3. Safeguard and improve the well-being and personal development of young academics, including international faculty; 
  4. Contribute to a better connection between the schools of Tilburg University and encourage multidisciplinarity and inclusivity in research and education.

The TYA values diversity in its operation and activities, and strives for diversity in its Membership, Board and Committees. Diversity has a number of dimensions including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, national origins, gender identity, class background, and religion.


In line with this mission statement, The TYA has also formulated their vision for Tilburg University.

The rallying cry is: Tilburg University, a place to flourish.

A flourishing university is a place where both students and staff are encouraged and supported to develop their professional and personal qualities. A flourishing university is a community where there is consideration for each other, there is room to think and talk about the values that drive us and how we can turn those values into sustainable change.

Flourishing is not about chasing extremes but finding the golden means. Next to actively contributing to the strategy-developments on the university level, the TYA has initiated working groups focusing on Recognition and Rewards (e.g. contribution to the steering committee), Strategy, and Well-being. TYA also plans to have an (online) lecture series to put young TYA researchers into the spotlight.