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TILT seminar by Izabela Skoczen

Topic: "Implicatures in legal contexts"

Classical theories of communication rely on the assumption that the purpose of communicating is information transmition. However, human communication seems a much more complex interplay of an array of social goals that are not necessarily connected to informing your interlocutor of some fact. I explore these ‘strategic’ goals and try to suggest a modification of Paul Grice’s theory of communication so as to give an explanatory account of the linguistic processes within the realm of law. I also explore the usefulness of modeling communication in legal contexts through the state-of-the-art rational speech act theory (RSA) based on game theory, bayesian decision theory and machine learning.

Izabela Skoczen obtained her PhD from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. In 2017 she took up employment with the Krakow Faculty of Law and Administraion. Since 2014 she has been teaching two subjects to first-year law and administration students (Introduction to jurisprudence and Logic for lawyers). She is the author of a number of papers on the intersection of legal theory and philosophy of language, some of which have been published in journals such as the International Journal for the Semiotic of Law and an active participant in international conferences. Her book entitled 'Implicatures within legal language' is forthcoming in the Springer Law and Philosophy serie. She is a member of the interdisciplinary Jagiellonian Centre for Law, Language and Philosophy.

Registration is free, but please register via Ghislaine van den Maagdenberg: g.vdnmaagdenberg@tilburguniversity.edu

Location: M 1003

When: 16 October 2018 12:00

End date: 16 October 2018 13:30