Understanding Society

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Amaka Bianca Paddy Okafor

image amaka bianca paddy okafor

Amaka Bianca (31), mother of two children is from Nigeria and is studying the track Human Rights of the Master International and European Law at Tilburg University. She always wanted to study Human Rights Law and this was the perfect opportunity. "I hope that one day I can contribute positively to the fight for Human Rights in Nigeria."

Tilburg University has it all

"Before coming to Tilburg for my Master’s degree, I worked in Sales & Relationship Management as a Business Development Manager. It was really interesting and I loved it, but I have always wanted to get my master degree in Human Rights Law. I searched the internet for the best universities in Europe offering the LLM program with Human Rights track and Tilburg came up. My application went through, but unfortunately I was not selected for the Orange Knowledge Scholarship. However, a short while after that, I was offered the Alumni Scholarship through the University Fund.

Human rights in Nigeria

"I am studying this specific track because I want to broaden my horizon and experience life first hand in the European legal environment. I choose this track because of my interest in the machinery of Human Rights, within and outside the State that impact peoples lives. I hope that the knowledge and skills I acquire here at Tilburg University will enable me to constructively address human rights issues pertinent to Nigeria with an informed view on how to prevent, provide and fulfill the human rights obligation of the State to its citizens."

Educational shock

"Studying in Tilburg has been intens. I literally feel the pressure especially as the first semester exams are about to start. I expected that it would be different from the way studies are structured back home but I don’t think I was quite prepared for the course load, although I like to think that I am finally adjusting. I love the lectures. The feedback on the mid-terms, papers and assignments prepare you better for the semester examinations, so you are constantly developing your academic skills."


"After I graduate, I hope to do a one year internship program with an organization in my field of study here in the Netherlands before going home. It would be a chance to see the practical side of international legal work in its element. I attended the ‘Thank You Event’ organized for the alumni donors. It was great to meet some of the people who made it possible for me to study here. I really believe that I have a duty in the future to give back in the same way. I am very happy that I was selected for the Alumni Scholarship and for the opportunity to study at such a unique institution."