Understanding Society

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Justice Fushai

image justice fushai Justice Fushai (28) from Zimbabwe is studying the Master in Communication and Information Science degree in Data Science (Business and Governance Specialization). The scholarship from the University Fund allows him to continue his studies in a field in line with his background in Operations Research.

Be part of innovative changes

His family was proud of him that he had the opportunity to study abroad in the Netherlands. "Luckily, I was qualified with a statistical and mathematical background, so I could directly enroll in this program. Data Science is an emerging and attractive field, because it is very important in this world where we exchange a lot of information. My goal is to be part of innovative changes in society and that is possible by helping to give people honest and transparent information. By studying Data Science and Governance, I want to obtain skills that I can apply in different sectors in my own country."

Governance in Africa

"The lack of information in the governance and in the leadership in Africa will always be an issue. There are so many things that we could have done already, but the leaders fail to understand what the exact problem is.  It is important that there are experts in my own country, because as a local you can develop your reputation. Because Africa has so few Data Scientist, I can be one of the go-to-guys for these services. You can see opportunities and you can see how things are changing, it makes it more efficient than having an expert from abroad. This is why I think that working in my country will contribute to its workflow and improve services."

All over the place

Justice tells about the difference between his home university and Tilburg University. "Everything is so convenient here in Tilburg. I don’t have to go to the other side of the town to go to the library. It is multicultural here. I really like that you get to know a lot of people from different nationalities. I don’t want to live in a particular place for my whole life. I was born in a place called Chibi, grew up in Gweru (preschool, primary/grade school as well as secondary school) and did my high school in Kwekwe, for my university I went to Bulawayo and for work I was in Harare."

Home is always best

Being the eldest sibling, Justice feels he has to set the example for the rest of his family. "I have to go back at one moment and do my faithful part, so I can try to contribute to the nation. So after I am done with my studies here at Tilburg University, I want to discover how data science is used in companies. I am not sure yet if I first want to stay a little bit more in Europe or if I go back to Zimbabwe immediately. Home is always best. There are some issues at home, but that does not stop it from being your home."