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Sharon Korompot

image sharon korompot

Sharon Korompot comes from one of the most densely populated regions in the world where temperatures are high: Jakarta. The Indonesian law student came to Tilburg University to pursue a master's program in International and European Law with the human rights track. She choose Tilburg, because the university offers important courses for her job and country as such. In Indonesia there are no master's programs or courses that deal with the problems she is dealing with. Read here how the University fund helps her in combating the destruction of the ancient Indonesian forests.

Pride and challenge of Indonesia

"Indonesia is a beautiful country, we have a diverse variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. But I am especially proud of the beautiful nature of Indonesia." However, Indonesia has a number of difficult environmental contradictions. Cities such as Jakarta are terribly overcrowded and people suffer from long traffic jams and heavy air pollution. But on the other hand Indonesia has beautiful, large and centuries-old rainforests that provide a living environment for unique animal species, plants and trees. In addition, they provide the air with oxygen and are therefore essential for the climate. "One of the main reasons I chose to study Law was so that I could do something about our endangered nature and environment. Indonesia has the third largest rainforest in the world, but it is still rapidly disappearing. At a certain point, woods the size of Belgium disappeared every year. Today, the destruction of forests continues at a rapid pace. "My focus is really on the Indonesian environment and I feel the urge to protect it extremely strongly.

Education in environmental law

In addition to the regular subjects in the master's program, she also takes additional subjects that focus on the environment and climate law. "It is strange, but in Indonesia there is hardly any education that focuses on environmental protection. That is why this scholarship from the University Fund is of direct importance to Indonesia, the rainforest and myself. I will soon be taking this knowledge with me to Indonesia, so that I can better protect the environment.

Exerting influence

"After completing my bachelor's in law, I was very happy to be able to work at the Ministry of Environment. I research policy and improve it so that the environment is protected more effectively. Unfortunately, corruption is a formidable challenge for Indonesia. When we have written improved policies, sometimes nothing is done about them, because some politicians serve their own interests." Sharon explains that European and international law helps her navigate within the legal frameworks that exist today to overcome such challenges. International cooperation plays a key role in this. "With the knowledge and skills I learn here, I want to grow to a position where I can exert more influence on the course of events. Writing good papers and inspiring an audience are crucial in this respect. I am particularly inspired by our current Minister for Environment, a strong, beautiful and influential woman who knows how to get things done."

Alumni help me achieve my goal

Indonesia has a culture in which many people do not attach so much importance to protecting the rainforest. They prefer to focus on prestige functions, such as public prosecutors or functions in large companies. But Sharon doesn't care about this, she says. "Ultimately, my goal is to protect the environment in a sustainable way. This master's program is of great importance to me. It helps me to grow to an influential position in policy decision-making. It's great that the alumni of Tilburg University are helping me achieve that goal!"