I am a cultural anthropologist and development sociologist (BA Leiden University) with a specialization in Gender Studies (MA research Utrecht University).  My main research interests are all in the realm of feminism: gender equality policies, work-life balance policies, inclusion, intersectionality,  vulnerable groups and co-creation. I sometimes describe myself as a chameleon researcher as I have inter/multidisciplinary capabilities and can easily adapt to other research departments and/or governmental institutions (Icelandic/Dutch ministries). 


I am a feminist researcher with an expertise in the area of gender equality policies.


Past projects:

- Research on the sustainability of gender equality policies in Iceland and the Netherlands from the perspective of members of the feminist triangle (policy makers, academics and social partners), and research on the exclusive nature of EU family policies.  

- Youth unemployment and resilience (JOIN / Alle Jongeren in Beeld). Task: dissemination of research results

Current project: PhD research in the field of inclusive family policies for non-traditional family-formations. Comparative research between Iceland, The Netherlands and Ireland. 

Other projects: I am the vice-chair of the TLS PhD Council, a representative entity for the PhD candidates at Tilburg Law School. The council keeps track of developments affecting the position of PhD researchers and maintains contact with the community and the Board of Tilburg Law School. 


I collaborated with Dr. Sonja Bekker, Dr. Ioana van Deurzen and Eline Berkers in a project on families in precarious working conditions and the policies directed towards their wellbeing. This project resulted in a paper which I presented on conferences in June 2019 (Transforming Care in Kopenhagen and the Day of Sociology in Amsterdam). 

Previous collaborations includes the JOIN Impact Team at Tilburg University. I worked on the project called 'Alle Jongeren in Beeld' roughly translated to 'All Youth in Sight' which is about youth unemployment and whether we could create prediction strategies through data science technologies. The research was conduscted by Naomi Smulders under the supervision of prof. Ton Wilthagen. My addition to the project were interviews with 12 young people in Tilburg and their perspectives on youth unemployment. The results of the interviews could be seen at the exhibition 'Alle Jongeren in Beeld' on the 9th of October 2019 in the Hall of Fame.


Project: Alle Jongeren in Beeld

Recent publications

  1. Alle jongeren in beeld - Onderzoek en expositie

    Bekker, S., Wilthagen, T., Verheul, A., & Schoots, M. (2019). Alle jongeren in beeld: Onderzoek en expositie. Tilburg University.

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