I am a PhD Candidate at the Department of Social psychology at Tilburg University. 
For my PhD project, I aim to investigate people’s emotional and behavioral responses to ostracism. Ostracism - being excluded and ignored - has a powerful influence on people’s well-being. To cope with this stressful social event, people may show different types of behavior including prosocial, antisocial and withdrawal responses. Crucially, little is known about when and why people cope in a prosocial or antisocial manner or by seeking solitude. I address this puzzle by integrating insights from ostracism theory, person perception, functional accounts of emotions, and recent advances in physiological and behavioral measures.
Since september 2020, I am a member of the PhD council at Tilburg University. The main goal of the PhD Council is to promote the interests of the PhD candidates of Tilburg School of Behavioral Sciences (TSB).




Different collaborations have sparked my interest for a broad range of topics in psychological research: Ostracism, emotions, self-regulation, self-licensing, health behavior, self-agency and goal pursuit.

Other activities
I am the blog coordinator at In-Mind (Dutch) which is an online popular science magazine (for English see: In-Mind). Together with a great team, we aim to inform the general public about psychological research in a fun, accessible, and in-depth manner.


Recent publications

  1. Social Ball - An immersive research paradigm to study social ostracism

    Meral, E. O., Rosenbusch, H., Kip, A., Ren, D., Dijk, E. V., & van Beest, I. (2022). Social Ball: An immersive research paradigm to study social ostracism. Manuscript submitted for publication. PsyArXiv Preprints.
  2. On the course of goal pursuit - The influence of goal progress on exp…

    Kip, A., Blom, D., & van der Weiden, A. (2021). On the course of goal pursuit: The influence of goal progress on explicit judgments of self-agency. Consciousness and Cognition, 96, Article 103222.
  3. Let go and give in! Self-licensing and the role of competing motivati…

    Kip, A., & Evers, C. (2020). Let go and give in! Self-licensing and the role of competing motivations. Motivation Science.

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