My name is Angelica and I am a junior researcher at the department of Sociology at Tilburg University. I started working at Tilburg University in 2016, first as an intern then as junior researcher, assisting the Methodology Group of the European Values Study (EVS). In 2017, after attaining a Double Degree Master in Sociology, at the Universities of Trento (Italy) and Tilburg, I became junior researcher, and started combining EVS tasks with research activities applying a sociological perspective on attitudes towards online privacy. I am also involved in the EC Funded projects SERISS (Synergies for Europe’s Research Infrastructures in the Social Sciences) and SSHOC (Social Sciences and Humanities OpenCloud).

Recent publications

  1. The European Values Study 2017 - On the way to the future using mixed…

    Luijkx, R., Jonsdottir, G., Gummer, T., Ernst Staehli, M., Frederiksen, M., Ketola, K., Reeskens, T., Brislinger, E., Christmann, P., Gunnarsson, S., Bragi Hjaltason, A., Joye, D., Lomazzi, V., Maineri, A., Milbert, P., Ochsner, M., Pollien, A., Sapin, M., Solanes, I., ... Wolf, C. (2021). The European Values Study 2017: On the way to the future using mixed-modes. European Sociological Review.
  2. Slider bars in multi-device web surveys

    Maineri, A., Bison, I., & Luijkx, R. (2021). Slider bars in multi-device web surveys. Social Science Computer Review.
  3. I cambiamenti strutturali - l'Italia dagli anni Ottanta a oggi

    Brunori, C., Maineri, A., Borghesan, G., & Luijkx, R. (2020). I cambiamenti strutturali: l'Italia dagli anni Ottanta a oggi. In F. Biolcati Rinaldi, G. Rovati, & P. Segatti (Eds.), Come cambiano gli italiani: il mutamento di valori e atteggiamenti dagli anni Ottanta a oggi (pp. 35-60). Il Mulino.
  4. Het Europese Waardenonderzoek 1981-2017 - Geschiedenis, de internatio…

    Luijkx, R., & Maineri, A. (2019). Het Europese Waardenonderzoek 1981-2017: Geschiedenis, de internationale context en het Nederlandse veldonderzoek. Mens en Maatschappij, 94(4), 381-397.
  5. Profili di streeters, interpellati sui social network

    Pasqualini, C., & Maineri, A. M. (2018). Profili di streeters, interpellati sui social network. In C. Pasqualini (Ed.), Vicini e connessi: Rapporto sulle Social Street a Milano (Vol. 61, pp. 268-283). Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli.

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