My name is Maaike and I work as a teacher and researcher for Tilburg Law School. My main specialties are family law, the law of relationships and inheritance law and company law. I like them most in a combination such as the inheritance of a company owner and how to keep family property within a family. 

I have both practical as scientific experience since a worked as a civil law lawyer before I started at the university as a teacher and researcher. 


I worked as a civil law lawyer for a couple of years. My main fields of law were the law of relationships, inheritance law and company law.

These fields of law, together with family law and international private law, remained my specialties when I moved to the university. In my research there is always a link with family property. This can be a family owned business or real estate that is owned by a family for a long time.




I worked as a teacher for several universities in the Netherlands and Belgium. I don't only teach at universities but also to legal professionals such as lawyers and civil-law notaries. I always combine law in practice and the theory of law in my courses. A good student doesn't only knows a legal rule but also can use the rule and realizes the effects of a legal rule in a real case. 


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