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My research expertise and interest are in two different disciplines: cross-cultural differences and democratization. I am interested to examine the relation and interaction between societal culture and institutional settings of democracy. The Cultural Compatibility Thesis of Democracy developed in my PhD dissertation posits that societal culture matters in the process of opting, adopting and adapting political institutions of democracy. The thesis suggests that the mentality of adopting the best model of democracy should be replaced with the attitude of finding the most compatible model.

I am also a pro-democracy activist and political analyst of Iranian politics (see my interview with the Tilburg University Magazine, UNIVERS). I am the director of GAMAAN (the Group for Analyzing and Measuring Attitudes in Iran) research foundation. Appearing in media and using Twitter, I try to have an impact on political debates around democratization of Iran.


Recent publications

  1. Cultural compatibility and satisfaction with democracy - A cross-nati…

    Maleki, A., & Doorenspleet, R. (2018). Cultural compatibility and satisfaction with democracy: A cross-national panel study. 1-32. Paper presented at 114th Annual Conference of American Political Science Association (APSA) , Boston, United States.
  2. The findings of a survey on political attitudes of Iranians

    Maleki, A. (2018). The findings of a survey on political attitudes of Iranians.
  3. Understanding patterns of democracy - Reconsidering societal division…

    Maleki, A., & Doorenspleet, R. (2018). Understanding patterns of democracy: Reconsidering societal divisions and bringing societal culture back in . In M. Jakala, D. Kuzu, & M. Qvortrup (Eds.), Consociationalism and power-sharing in Europe : Arend Lijphart’s theory of political accommodation (pp. 11-34). (International Political Theory). Palgrave Macmillan.
  4. Waarom het Openbaar Bestuur Ertoe Doet - Over de Economische en Socia…

    Zouridis, S., Kaufmann, W., Atrokhova, V., Maleki, A., Crompvoets, V., Verba, M., & Hermans, M. (2017). Waarom het Openbaar Bestuur Ertoe Doet: Over de Economische en Sociale Betekenis van Bestuurlijke Instituties. Tilburg: Tilburg School of Governance.
  5. Contestation and participation - Operationalizing and mapping democra…

    Maleki, A., & Hendriks, F. (2016). Contestation and participation: Operationalizing and mapping democratic models for 80 electoral democracies, 1990-2009. Acta Politica, 51(2), 237.

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