Anne-Francoise's research interests and publications bridged Information Systems and human sciences in addressing topics such as decision making, information processing, attention, emotion, IT governance, overload/underload, work substitution, corporate social responsibility, artificial intelligence, threat globalization and cybersecurity. She is particularly interested in socially responsible use of Information Technology. Applications of her work focus on the impact of Information Technology on High Reliability Organization in the Dutch public and private sectors (e.g., hospitals, police force, military, banking sector).



She served on various editorial boards including the MIS Quarterly. Her work has been recognized with various professionals and academic awards (e.g., Philips award for innovation in education, second best paper AMCIS Puerto Rico). She serves as panel-member of the Research Grant Council in Hong Kong since 2014 as well as of the Academy of Finland since 2015. Recently, she co-authored a book entitled Cognitive and Emotional Overload: The dark side of Information Technology with Carol Saunders from University of Central Florida (Routledge, 2019).

Recent publications

  1. Emotional and Cognitive Overload - The Dark Side of Information Techn…

    Rutkowski, A-F., & Saunders, C. (2019). Emotional and Cognitive Overload: The Dark Side of Information Technology. Routledge.
  2. Health condition and risk attitude in the Dutch population - An explo…

    Martin-Fernandez, J., Medina Palomino, H., Ariza-Cardiel, G., Polentinos-Castro , E., & Rutkowski, A-F. (2018). Health condition and risk attitude in the Dutch population: An exploratory approach. Health Risk & Society, 20(3-4), 126-146.
  3. Decision-making in the police work force - Affordances explained in p…

    Verhulst, M., & Rutkowski, A-F. (2018). Decision-making in the police work force: Affordances explained in practice. Group Decision and Negotiation, 27(5), 827-852.
  4. Getting “cyber organized” - Information overload and collaborative ac…

    de Nobrega, K. M., & Rutkowski, A-F. (2017). Getting “cyber organized”: Information overload and collaborative action in a small scale economy. Abstract from 17th International Conference on Group Decision and Negotiation, Stuttgart, Germany.
  5. No free lunch for software after all

    Rutkowski, A-F., van Genugten, M., & Hatton, L. (2017). No free lunch for software after all. IEEE Software, 34(5), 13-15.

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