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Arie Trouwborst is an associate professor of environmental law, interested in understanding and improving the contribution of (international and European) law to the conservation, restoration, and sustainable use of wildlife. Trouwborst received an LLM (2001) and PhD (2006) from Utrecht University. He is also a certified wildlife tracker (level Track & Sign III). He authored various books and numerous journal articles on a range of legal instruments, countries, species and topics. He frequently conducts advisory work for international entities (e.g., Bern Convention on European Wildlife, Convention on Migratory Species, IUCN), national governments, and NGOs. Much of Trouwborst's current research concerns large carnivores and herbivores (megafauna). Recent publications address wolf management; leopard trophy export quotas; rhinoceros conservation; and the blind spot in the application of wildlife law to a small but destructive alien predator, the domestic cat.


Trouwborst's expertise covers a range of legal instruments, including:

  • Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) and ancillary agreements
  • Convention on Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)
  • Ramsar Wetlands Convention
  • World Heritage Convention
  • Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)
  • Bern Convention on European Wildlife Conservation
  • EU Birds and Habitats Directives
  • African wildlife treaties

He has received several grants and prizes, including VENI and VIDI grants from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). Trouwborst has considerable affinity with the practice of international wildlife law and policy, and has been involved in the development of various resolutions, management/action plans, and species listing proposals. He also serves on the editorial boards of two journals on environmental and wildlife law, and is a member of various international expert groups, including the IUCN Large Carnivore Initiative for Europe.


Trouwborst has taught, designed and coordinated a variety of courses at Utrecht Law School, University College Utrecht, and Tilburg Law School. These range from introductory courses on international and European law to specialized courses on international wildlife law, international and European environmental law, international law of the sea, the sources of international law, and (Dutch) administrative environmental law.


Recent publications

  1. Killing wolves legally - Exploring the scope for lethal wolf manageme…

    Trouwborst, A., & Fleurke, F. (2019). Killing wolves legally: Exploring the scope for lethal wolf management under European nature conservation law. Journal of International Wildlife Law and Policy.
  2. Global large herbivore conservation and international law -

    Trouwborst, A. (2019). Global large herbivore conservation and international law. Biodiversity and Conservation, 3891-3914.
  3. Top-down dilution of conservation commitments in Europe - An example …

    Sazatornil, V., Trouwborst, A., Chapron, G., Rodriguez, A., & Vicente Lopez-Bao, J. (2019). Top-down dilution of conservation commitments in Europe: An example using breeding site protection for wolves. Biological Conservation, 237, 185-190.
  4. What form of human-wildlife coexistence is mandated by legislation? -…

    Cretois, B., Linnell, J. D. C., Kaltenborn, B. P., & Trouwborst, A. (2019). What form of human-wildlife coexistence is mandated by legislation? A comparative analysis of international and national instruments. Biodiversity and Conservation, 28(7), 1729-1741.
  5. De juridische bescherming van boerenlandvogels -

    Dotinga, H., Bastmeijer, K., Trouwborst, A., & van Kreveld, A. (Accepted/In press). De juridische bescherming van boerenlandvogels. In J. Verschuuren (Ed.), Milieu en landbouw (Vereniging voor Milieurecht Publicaties). Den Haag: Boom juridisch.

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