Ben Vollaard (Ph.D. RAND Graduate School) is associate professor at the Economics Department of Tilburg University, where he has been on the faculty since 2008. As of 2019, he leads the Fraud Detection and Prevention Lab.

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My research revolves around the question how to prevent illegal behavior, corporate fraud in particular, in a (cost)effective manner. When studying this question, I focus on how situational factors affect behavior. For instance, an analysis of the universe of Coast Guard surveillance flights shows that if shipping crews discharge oily substances into the sea, they do so after sunset - when they are sure not to be convicted in court even when caught. In a completely different context, and based on a long-running field experiment at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam, I show that people are less likely to soil the street when exposed to light. 



Crowdsourcing project 'De Wilde Tuin' with NRC Handelsblad, funded by KNAW (started in March 2022).

Interviewed by newspaper De Volkskrant about the above-mentioned crowdsourcing project (March 2022).

Interviewed by newspaper Trouw about my research into illegal discharges from shipping: news item, background article (March 2022).

Interviewed by newspaper NRC Handelsblad for this year's Nobel prizes in economics (October 2021).

Recent publications

  1. Unseen annihilation - Illegal fishing practices and nautical patrol

    Kastoryano, S., & Vollaard, B. (2023). Unseen annihilation: Illegal fishing practices and nautical patrol. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 122, Article 102881.
  2. Nautical Patrol and Illegal Fishing Practices

    Kastoryano, S., & Vollaard, B. (2022). Nautical Patrol and Illegal Fishing Practices. (CentER Discussion Paper; Vol. 2022-016). CentER, Center for Economic Research.
  3. Bias in expert product reviews

    Vollaard, B., & van Ours, J. C. (2022). Bias in expert product reviews. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 202, 105-118.
  4. The dynamics of crime risk perceptions

    Salm, M., & Vollaard, B. (2021). The dynamics of crime risk perceptions. American Law and Economics Review, 23(2), 520-561.
  5. Salience of law enforcement

    Dur, R., & Vollaard, B. (2019). Salience of law enforcement. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 93, 208-220.

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