I am a Full Professor in Accounting interested in intellectually-challenging and practically-relevant questions in the broader area of management accounting.  Most of my work is multidisciplinary and I am especially known for my multidisciplinary research at the intersection between management accounting on the one hand and operations management, organizational behavior, and corporate responsibility on the other hand. My work appears in leading journals in accounting, organizational behavior and operations management. I am an award-winning teacher and teach about management accounting, strategy implementation, and corporate responsibility in MSc-programs, MBA- and executive education programs, and tailored in-company programs. I am currently heading the PhD-program in Accounting at Tilburg University. I obtained my undergraduate degrees in business economics and my PhD in Accounting at KU Leuven (Belgium). I have held visiting positions at Emory University and INSEAD.


Top publications

  1. Management accounting information properties and operations management

    Dierynck, B., & Labro, E. (2018). Management accounting information properties and operations management. Foundations and Trends in Technology, Information and Operations Management, 12(1), 1-114.

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