I am studying the organization and regulation of energy markets. Several questions are addressed:

  • Which regulatory instruments are necessary to obtain a sustainable energy system? How can we organize the market such that we will use the optimal mix of renewable and conventional technologies
  • Do energy firms have market power? If abuse of market power is a problem, which steps can the government take to reduce market power? Are standard competition policy rules sufficient or should we rely on sector-specific regulation?
  • Will a healthy and competitive energy sector deliver a secure energy supply system? What is the role of the government?

Top publications

  1. Optimal regulation of network expansion

    Willems, B., & Zwart, G. (2018). Optimal regulation of network expansion. RAND Journal of Economics, 49(1), 23-42.
  2. Relaxing competition through speculation - Committing to a negative s…

    Holmberg, P., & Willems, B. (2015). Relaxing competition through speculation: Committing to a negative supply slope. Journal of Economic Theory, 159(A), 236-266.

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