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My research focuses on global tax governance in the broadest sense, including issues such as the international tax policy of states, multinational companies and international institutions like the EU and the OECD. I am particularly interested in the governance issues that relate to the taxation of multinational companies, including topics such as transfer pricing, EU state aid law and the digital economy.

My work received recognition with the granting of the ‘Jaap van den Berge Literatuurprijs’ in 2019 for my contribution to the development of tax law in the Netherlands. My book (‘On the legitimacy of international tax law’) was shortlisted for the IBFD Frans Vanistendael Award for International Tax Law in 2015.

 I have an extensive experience of lecturing in a variety of courses such transfer pricing, international and European tax law and decision-making processes. Until recently, I served as the Academic Director of the ‘Tax economics’ programs at Tilburg University.


Recent publications

  1. Het nieuwe verrekenprijzenbesluit

    Peters, C., & Stevens, T. (2018). Het nieuwe verrekenprijzenbesluit. NTFR Beschouwingen, 12(12), 23-27.
  2. 50 jaar onderwijs op het Fiscaal Instituut Tilburg

    Peters, C., & Staats, G. (2018). 50 jaar onderwijs op het Fiscaal Instituut Tilburg. In I. van Vijfeijken, T. Stevens, & S. Dusarduijn (Eds.), Jubileumbundel Fiscaal Instituut Tilburg 50 jaar onderzoek, 50 jaar onderwijs: Opstellen uitgegeven ter gelegenheid van het 50-jarig bestaan van het Fiscaal Instituut Tilburg (pp. 77-90). Tilburg: Prisma Print, Tilburg University.
  3. Improving democratic international tax governance - On the power of c…

    Peters, C. (2017). Improving democratic international tax governance: On the power of citizens, transparency and independent watchdogs. In B. Peeters, H. Gribnau, & J. Badisco (Eds.), Building Trust in Taxation (pp. 205-234). Cambridge Antwerp Portland: Intersentia.
  4. Staatssteun en tax rulings - Over competitie tussen staten en de dood…

    Peters, C. (2017). Staatssteun en tax rulings: Over competitie tussen staten en de doodlopende weg van het recht. Weekblad voor fiscaal recht, 146(7188), 547-555.
  5. National Report. The Netherlands

    Peters, C. (2016). National Report. The Netherlands. In A. Di Pietro (Ed.), La Fiscalità Ambientale in Europa e per l’Europa (pp. 289-300). Bari: Cacucci Editore.

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