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Charissa Freese is Senior Researcher Inclusive HRM, chair of the board of the People Management Center and impact member of the Daily Board at the Department of Human Resource Studies. Her research contributes to the social issue of how employers, employees and institutions can help create optimal labor market participation. She is linking pin of Research Lab Inclusive HRM. Charissa collaborates closely with external partners. She was project leader of projects, such as participation of long-term unemployed for the municipality of Tilburg, the inclusion of people with disabilities for the Province of North-Brabant, robotics on the workfloor for the Rathenau Institute and work intensification for the WRR. She is core lecturer HRM at TIAS and academic director of several professional training programs, for instance for health care professionals, management teams of secondary education and line managers. She supervises Ph.D. candidates and master students.


Recent publications

  1. Met blussen wordt het fundament niet steviger - Juist nu is het momen…

    Freese, C., & Borghouts-van de Pas, I. (2020). Met blussen wordt het fundament niet steviger: Juist nu is het moment om ons sociale zekerheidsstelsel en de arbeidsmarkt te hervormen. Brabants Dagblad, 9.
  2. Werkintensivering van beroepen

    van den Groenendaal, S. M., van Veldhoven, M., & Freese, C. (2020). Werkintensivering van beroepen. WRR (Wetenschappelijke Raad voor het Regeringsbeleid).
  3. A strategic HRM perspective on i-deals

    Kroon, B., Freese, C., & Schalk, R. (2019). A strategic HRM perspective on i-deals. In C. Cooper (Ed.), Current issues in work and organizational psychology (pp. 371 - 385). Routledge. https://www-taylorfrancis-com.tilburguniversity.idm.oclc.org/books/9780429468339
  4. Samen werken met robots

    Dekker, R., & Freese, C. (2018). Samen werken met robots. Zeggenschap: Tijdschrift over Arbeidsverhoudingen, 2018(1), 21-24.
  5. Robotisering en automatisering op de werkvloer - Bedrijfskeuzes bij t…

    Freese, C., Dekker, R., Kool, L., Dekker, F., & van Est, R. (2018). Robotisering en automatisering op de werkvloer: Bedrijfskeuzes bij technologische innovaties. Rathenau Instituut.

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