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My name is Caroline Vander Stichele. I studied Theology at the KU Leuven (Belgium), where I obtained a PhD and STD in Biblical Studies. In the course of my academic career, I have been teaching at the University of Utrecht (1988-92), the University of Tilburg (1991-93), and the University of Amsterdam (1993-2018). The chair I currently hold at Tilburg University is devoted to the Impact of the Bible in Western Culture.


My main field of expertise is Early Christianity. My research and publications focus on gender issues in early christian literature and on visual artefacts in both art and popular media. I am working on a book about Herodias, the 'evil mother' of Salome, who asked for the head of John the Baptist. My second field of interest and expertise is Yoga Studies. To that end I obtained a Master's degree (MSc) in Contemporary Asian Studies at the University of Amsterdam in 2016. I am co-editor of a volume on Contemporary Yoga and Sacred Texts (to appear with Routledge in 2020).


Recent publications

  1. Exegetische inleiding 7 januari 2018

    Vander Stichele, C. (2018). Exegetische inleiding 7 januari 2018: Openbaring des Heren. Tijdschrift voor verkondiging, 90(1), 8-10.
  2. A Deadly Daughter?

    Vander Stichele, C. (2018). A Deadly Daughter? Salome’s Cinematic Afterlife. In R. Walsh (Ed.), T&T Clark Companion to the Bible and Film (pp. 358-368). (T&T Clark Companions). London: T&T Clark International.
  3. In vogelvlucht

    Vander Stichele, C. H. C. M. (2017). In vogelvlucht. Zijspiegel, (11), 19-23.
  4. Zevende zondag door het jaar

    Vander Stichele, C. (2017). Zevende zondag door het jaar. Tijdschrift voor Verkondiging, 89(1), 39-42.
  5. Close encounters between Bible and film

    Copier, L., & Vander Stichele, C. (Eds.) (2016). Close encounters between Bible and film: An interdisciplinary engagement. (Semeia Studies). Atlanta: SBL Press.

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