Johan Wolswinkel Johan Wolswinkel

Full Professor

TLS: Tilburg Law School
TLS: Public Law and Governance


As of November 2018, I am Full Professor of Administrative Law, Market & Data at Tilburg University. This chair at the intersection of economic administrative law and information law allows me to analyze and discuss the role of administrative law in times of market-driven and data-driven approaches to public administration.

Before my appointment in Tilburg, I studied Law and Mathematics at VU University (Amsterdam). In 2013, I obtained my PhD degree cum laude for successfully defending my doctoral thesis on competitive decision-making, in particular the allocation of so-called 'limited-issued rights' (licences, concessions, contracts, subsidies).

In June 2023, I was awarded two grants for research on the impact of open government legislation on transparency in administrative single-case decision-making procedures: a Vidi grant from the Dutch Research Council (NWO) and an ICON grant from Tilburg University under the Digital Sciences for Society program.


The regulation of new modes of administrative (single-case) decision-making - and the role of administrative transparency therein - has been at the core of my research ever since my doctoral research. Starting with a doctoral thesis on competitive decision-making in situations where public authorities have to make a choice between equally suitable candidates when the number of rights (licences, subsidies, etc.) available for grant is limited (so-called 'limited-issued rights), I have gradually extended this line of research to the impact of EU law on different fields of administrative law, including economic law.

A new research pillar, launched with the NWO-MVI project 'Citizen-friendly data communication' (2017-2022), concerns the interface of administrative law and digitalization, e.g. in the context of public access to government information, automated decision-making and algorithmic transparency. The upcoming Vidi project and the ICON project CITaDOG build on this line of research


I am involved in different courses in the bachelor and master programs of Tilburg University. Apart from teaching in the Law programs, I am also involved in introductory courses on administrative law in the the Tax Economics program.



Collaboration with other (research) partners is essential for conducting excellent and impactful research. For that reason, we have  collaborated intensely with a consortium of public and private partners in the NWO-MVI project 'Citizen-friendly data communication' (2017-2022). The new ICON project "Case-Inclusive Transparency for a Digital and Open Government" (CITaDOG) (2023-2027) also brings together several academic scholars and practitioners from different disciplines.

I am also involved in the practice of administrative law as a deputy judge in the administrative court of Rotterdam, as member of the internal appeals committee of the Dutch Research Council (NWO) and as a research partner of the Netherlands Gaming Authority (Kansspelautoriteit).


Reshaping transparency in administrative decision-making | Tilburg University

Two Vidi grants for Johan Wolswinkel and Tineke Snijders | Tilburg University

EUR 2.4 million in funding for four projects under the Digital Sciences for Society program | Tilburg University…



Recent publications

  1. Zeven jaar na Vlaardingen - Is de cirkel van het verdelingsrecht rond?

    Wolswinkel, J. (2024). Zeven jaar na Vlaardingen: Is de cirkel van het verdelingsrecht rond? JB plus, 2024(1), 3-23. Article 1.
  2. Honderd jaar CJV - Recensies uit het heden van preadviezen uit het ve…

    Gooijer, J., van Kooten, T., & Wolswinkel, J. (Eds.) (2023). Honderd jaar CJV: Recensies uit het heden van preadviezen uit het verleden. Uitgeverij Paris.
  3. Open government data from a legal perspective - An AI-driven systemat…

    Kempeneer, S., Pirannejad, A., & Wolswinkel, J. (2023). Open government data from a legal perspective: An AI-driven systematic literature review. Government Information Quarterly, 40(3), Article 101823.
  4. Rethinking open government data for citizen participation - An introd…

    Kempeneer, S., & Wolswinkel, J. (2023). Rethinking open government data for citizen participation: An introduction to a special issue. Information Polity, 28(2), 163-173.
  5. De grote onbekende in de vergelijking - Geautomatiseerde besluitvormi…

    Wolswinkel, J. (2023). De grote onbekende in de vergelijking: Geautomatiseerde besluitvorming binnen de Wet versterking waarborgfunctie Awb. Computerrecht, 2023(6), 461-468. Article Computerrecht 2023/256.

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