Catherine completed her PhD in Philosophy from the University of Glasgow in 2017, and  previously worked at the University of Hull before moving to Tilburg University in August 2018.

Catherine's research interests are in ethics and metaphysics, particularly the nature and value of talent, ability and skill, and the implications this has for well-being, morality and equality.

She also has an active research in aesthetics, phenomenology and the philosophy of music, currently working on Merleau-Ponty's phenomenological account of music, silence and ideas.

Underpinning Catherine's research is an interest in the nature of philosophical methodology more generally, questioning the so-called boundary between 'analytic' and 'continental' philosophies. 


Recent publications

  1. Being a Celebrity - Alienation, Integrity, and the Uncanny

    Archer, A., & Robb, C. (2022). Being a Celebrity: Alienation, Integrity, and the Uncanny. Journal of the American Philosophical Association, 1-19.
  2. The morality of fame

    Archer, A., Dennis, M., & Robb, C. (2022). The morality of fame. Ethical Perspectives: Journal of the European Ethics Network, 29(1), 1-6.
  3. Talent, Skill, and Celebrity

    Robb, C., & Archer, A. (2022). Talent, Skill, and Celebrity. Ethical Perspectives: Journal of the European Ethics Network, 29(1), 33-63.
  4. Talent Dispositionalism

    Robb, C. (2020). Talent Dispositionalism. Synthese.
  5. The Medium Place - Third Space, Morality, and Being In Between

    Robb, C. (2020). The Medium Place: Third Space, Morality, and Being In Between. In K. S. Engels (Ed.), The Good Place and Philosophy (pp. 75-86). Wiley-Blackwell.

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