dr. Cor Sluijter

dr. Cor Sluijter

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Cor Sluijter (1960) is an external member of the Examination Board for Psychology of the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. He is the former head (2014-March 2020) of the department of Psychometrics and Research of Cito, the national institute for educational measurement. Cor is a former Chair of the Dutch Exams Association (NVE; 2009-2014 ) and since 2015 a member of the Dutch Advisory Board on Competencies in Financial Services. Next to this he is Council member and treasurer of the Association for Educational Assessment Europe, of which he is also a Fellow. Dr. Sluijter is also a recognized test reviewer  for the Research Centre for Examination and Certification (RCEC). He has over 30 years of experience in developing paper and computer-based tests for both the private and public sector. 

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