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Danse de Bondt is a PhD researcher and lecturer at Tilburg University. She is a member of the European Joint Doctorate Program in Law and Development (EDOLAD) for which she is co-supervised by the Centre of African Studies at the University of Edinburgh.


  • Prof. mr. dr. Maurice Adams (Tilburg Law School)
  • Prof. dr. Paul Nugent (The University of Edinburgh)
  • Dr. Phillip Paiement (Tilburg Law School)

Her PhD research is situated within larger debates surrounding law, culture, local customs and trade in East-Africa. Specifically, she is studying how multiple legal and normative orders set (overlapping and contradicting) rules for alcohol practices in West Uganda, and vice versa, she studies the role that alcohol plays in governing everyday life in West Uganda.

Key interests:  

  • Socio-legal studies;
  • Legal anthropology;
  • The relationship between the individual, the community and the state;
  • The  moral economy;
  •  Border studies.

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