dr. Djurre Holtrop

dr. Djurre Holtrop

Assistant Professor

TSB: Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
TSB: Department of Social Psychology


I am an organizational researcher and team player with project management experience. I thrive under pressure while aiming for quality and realistic expectations. I have an interest in two areas: 1) creative measurement approaches for personnel recruitment, selection, and assessment and 2) the engagement of volunteer workers. I like to learn new things, explore opportunities with a positive attitude, and value relationships over anything else. 


After working as a personnel selection and assessment consultant for NOA bv I completed my PhD in 2016. In my PhD I studied the assessment of contextualized personality and vocational interests. Directly after completing my PhD I moved to Australia where I worked as a postdoctoral researcher on a large volunteer recruitment and engagement project for four years. Please see my LinkedIn page for a detailed resume.


Some key words that define my research area:

- Personnel recruitment and selection

- Personality measurement

- Vocational interests

- Volunteer engagement

- Applicant reactions

- Asynchronous Video Interviews (recent area)


- Leadership and Organization (Work and Organizational Psychology Master)

- Diversity and Inclusion at Work (Psychology Undergraduate)

- PhD, MSc, and BSc student supervision



Throughout the years I have been fortunate to collaborate with many organizations, such as:

- The Department of Fire and Emergency Services in Western Australia

- Scouts Australia

- Applied university (Hogeschool) Rotterdam, InHolland, and Windesheim

- NOA bv

- Thio Pharma

- Other organizations that are interested in personnel recruitment and selection issues


If you have questions about personnel selection or recruitment, I am always interested in discussing ways to work together. Please feel free to contact me.


Recent publications

  1. Beyond traditional interviews - Psychometric analysis of asynchronous…

    Koutsoumpis, A., Ghassemi, S., Oostrom, J., Holtrop, D., Van Breda, W., Zhang, T., & de Vries, R. E. (2024). Beyond traditional interviews: Psychometric analysis of asynchronous video interviews for personality and interview performance evaluation using machine learning. Computers in Human Behavior, 154, Article 108128.
  2. Applicant reactions to algorithm- versus recruiter-based evaluations …

    Oostrom, J. K., Holtrop, D., Koutsoumpis, A., van Breda, W., Ghassemi, S., & de Vries, R. E. (2024). Applicant reactions to algorithm- versus recruiter-based evaluations of an asynchronous video interview and a personality inventory. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 97(1), 160-189.
  3. Unsupervised multimodal learning for dependency-free personality reco…

    Ghassemi, S., Zhang, T., van Breda, W., Koutsoumpis, A., Oostrom, J., Holtrop, D., & de Vries, R. E. (Accepted/In press). Unsupervised multimodal learning for dependency-free personality recognition. IEEE transactions on affective computing, 1-14.
  4. Solliciteren? Drie, twee, een, actie! - De wetenschap achter eenzijdi…

    Holtrop, D., & Oostrom, J. (2023). Solliciteren? Drie, twee, een, actie! De wetenschap achter eenzijdige video-interviews van sollicitanten. HR Rendement, 25(2). https://www.rendement.nl/werving-en-selectie/verdiepingsartikel/de-wetenschap-achter-eenzijdige-video-interviews-van-sollicitanten.html
  5. How asynchronous video interviews are used in practice - A study of a…

    Dunlop, P. D., Holtrop, D., & Wee, S. (2022). How asynchronous video interviews are used in practice: A study of an Australian‐based AVI vendor. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 30(3), 448-455.

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