I am a PhD student at the Department of Finance.  My research is centered around finance & health: how financial shocks affect households'/employees' health, and how health shocks affect household finances. 

My thesis supervisors are prof. Dr. Luc Renneboog and dr. Julio Crego

Expected year of graduation: 2023

Provisional title of PhD thesis: Essays in Finance and Health

This PhD thesis aims to contribute to our understanding how corporate and household-level financial shocks affect individuals' physical and mental health, and how detrimental episodes of health may contribute to financial predicaments of people. Consequently, this thesis encompasses research questions from multiple fields including corporate finance, household finance and health economics.



In the 2021/2022 academic year I am/was a teaching assistant for the following courses: Empirical Methods of Finance, Advanced Corporate Finance, Fixed Income Analysis

Recent publications

  1. Corporate Financial Frictions and Employee Mental Health

    Kárpáti, D., & Renneboog, L. (2021). Corporate Financial Frictions and Employee Mental Health. (CentER Discussion Paper; Vol. 2021-003). CentER, Center for Economic Research.

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