I teach at University College Tilburg, where I use my expertise in the field of psychology in different courses. I am especially good at coming up with new, innovative ideas for education, and making them work in practice. I am a networker, and like to combine people from different fields in order to achieve an unexpected outcome. I am very creative and think outside of the box. 

I excel at finding people’s inner motivations and goals. My company (Live Love Lose) focuses on giving presentations about grief and resilience. I also coach people who have experienced a loss. I like to give back to society by doing volunteering work.


As a teacher I very much like to have personal contact with my students. I like to get to know their personalities, in order to understand better how I can present the materials to them. I try to, as much as I can, include personal coaching and attention into my courses.

I am a generalist, and in my courses I provide students with an overview of the important topics in a specific field. I invite students to become enthusiastic about a topic and dive into it themselves.



Live Love Lose: my company in which I help people who have lost someone. I give presentations, lectures and workshops around loss and resilience and I coach people who need help with their loss.

Doorleefboek: my book for children in primary school who are grieving. 

Recent publications

  1. Ieder zijn rouw - Gids voor coachen bij verlies

    Dreezens, E. (2023). Ieder zijn rouw: Gids voor coachen bij verlies. Boom Uitgeverij.
  2. Into the heart of academics: building resilience through formation

    van Dijk-Groeneboer, M. C. H., Dreezens, E., Demeter, B., & Potter, L. (2022). Into the heart of academics: building resilience through formation. In S. Bax, & T. Leesen (Eds.), Education and Resilience (Tilburg Series).
  3. Help rouwende kinderen - Kies samen een mentor

    Dreezens, E. (2021). Help rouwende kinderen: Kies samen een mentor. De Psycholoog, 1, 38.
  4. Increasing student happiness - Treasuring the will to learn

    Dreezens, E. (2020). Increasing student happiness: Treasuring the will to learn. In Success and failure in higher education: Building resilience in students (pp. 45-55). (Tilburg series in academic education). Tilburg University.
  5. Scheurblok Rouw - Dag voor dag

    Dreezens, E. (2019). Scheurblok Rouw: Dag voor dag. Ellen Dreezens.

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