I study collaborations and open innovation projects from an interdisciplinary point of view. I combine managerial and organizational frameworks with linguistic and ethnographic methods to analyze how people collaborate in real life. Working together across organizational boundaries requires awareness of processes such as identity & team formation, facework, (industrial) temporality, etc. As working together happens in interaction, I focus on how, when and where people interact. The choices made do not only reflect people's take on a project or collaboration, but also shape it. 

In the past I have focused on open innovation collaborations in the high-tech industry. Currently I am looking at the integral processes that take place between different stakeholders to develop and create SMART cities and buildings aimed at integrating health care & wellbeing. 



  • interaction & communicative processes
  • leadership & facilitatorship
  • industry-academia collaborations
  • qualitative research



Involved in several interdisciplinary projects. Collaborating with Fontys University of Applied Science (Industrial Engineering) and TUE (Innovation Management e.g.)


De Maeijer, E., Van Hout, T., & Weggeman, M. (2017). The give and take of industry-academia partnerships. A liminal approach to open innovation. WOIC. San Francisco: Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation, University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business.

De Maeijer, E., Van Hout, T., Weggeman, M., & Post, G. (2017). Studying Open Innovation collaboration between the high-tech industry and science with linguistic ethnography-battling over the status of knowledge in a setting of distrust. Journal of Innovation Management, 4(4), 8-31.

De Maeijer, E., Van Hout, T., Weggeman, M., & Post, G. (2018). Tread carefully: managing identities and expectations in high-tech industry-academia collaborations. Technology Innovation Management Review , 8(10), 29-43.……


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