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Dr. Eva E. A. Wolf is an assistant-professor at the Tilburg University. In her current research she studies how and why spatial planning conflicts escalate to the judicial arena. This research is part of the Bindend Besturen Brabant project.

For her PhD-thesis at the University of Antwerp she investigated how policy conflicts escalate from a substantive, to a procedural and, finally, a relational dimension through a case-study of the contested Oosterweelconnection highway ("Oosterweelverbinding") in Belgium. The dissertation concludes that when governmental actors try to negate conflict by setting in stone policies early in the decision-making process, rather than embrace conflict as a natural and possibly productive part of policy-making, conflict can actually increase and turn destructive.

She wrote academic articles on the topics of conflict escalation, framing, and (de)politicization, as well as a popular science book in Dutch titled "De waarde van weerstand" (see here). 


Recent publications

  1. Conflict reconsidered

    Wolf, E., & Van Dooren, W. (2018). Conflict reconsidered: The boomerang effect of depoliticization in the policy process. Public Administration, 96(2), 286-301.
  2. Conflict as troubling waters

    Wolf, E. (2018). Conflict as troubling waters: How steering for results can impede the public administrator as conflict arbiter. In C. Gerard, & K. Louis (Eds.), Conflict and collaboration: For better or worse (pp. 89-103). (Routledge Studies in Security and Conflict Management). Routledge.
  3. Time to move on or taking more time

    Wolf, E., & Van Dooren, W. (2018). Time to move on or taking more time: How disregarding multiple perspectives on time can increase policy-making conflict. Environment and Planning C, 36(2), 340-356.
  4. De waarde van weerstand

    Wolf, E., & Van Dooren, W. (2017). De waarde van weerstand: Wat Oosterweel ons leert over besluitvorming. Pelckmans Pro.
  5. How policies become contested

    Wolf, E., & Van Dooren, W. (2017). How policies become contested: A spiral of imagination and evidence in a large infrastructure project. Policy Sciences, 50(3), 449-468.

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