I am Michiel Stapper, assistant professor at Tilburg Law School. Growing up, I loved drawing maps and collecting atlases. So it seemed right to start studying urban planning. After my BA in urban planning I finished degrees in geography, philosophy and sociology. In 2019, I was visting scholar at NYU's Institute for Public Knowledge. My research interests are mostly directed at questions at the intersection of society, law and cities. How do public-private partnerships influence civic participation? What is the role of participation and deliberation in the energy transition? What are the politics of legal instruments?


In my  research  I examine how legal and regulatory frameworks create moral beings and attribute (un)worthiness to citizens. Through my work, I contribute to the fields of participatory governance, urban politics and socio-legal studies. In my research I have used a variety of methods, ranging from observations, interviews, content analysis to the q-method. I have experience with comparative research in Amsterdam, Hamburg and New York. Next, I have published in journals such as Environment and Planning C and Cities.

Currently I am studying the impact of the new Dutch Environment and Planning Act (Omgevingswet) and the European Green Deal on society. I am particulary interested in how these legal and regulatory frameworks affect marginalized people.


I teach in the BA program Public Administration and the MA program International Law. I am involved in the courses Public Policy Making, Market, Civil Society and Government, Qualitative Research Methods, International Relations and Thesis Supervision (BA and MA level).


Recent publications

  1. Contracting with citizens - How residents in Hamburg and New York neg…

    Stapper, E. W. (2021). Contracting with citizens: How residents in Hamburg and New York negotiated development agreements. Land Use Policy, 111(December 2021), 1-10. Article 105743.
  2. Do contracts have politics? - Contracts, planning consultants, and ur…

    Stapper, E. W. (2021). Do contracts have politics? Contracts, planning consultants, and urban development in the age of participation. [Doctoral Thesis, University of Amsterdam].
  3. Hamburg

    Stapper, E. W., Zengerling, C., & Tribble, R. (2021). Hamburg. In M. van der Veen, & J. W. Duyvendak (Eds.), Participate! : Portraits of cities and citizens in action (pp. 104-128). Nai010 Publishers.
  4. Private ordering of public processes - How contracts structure partic…

    Stapper, E. W. (2021). Private ordering of public processes: How contracts structure participatory processes in urban development in Amsterdam and Hamburg. Urban Studies, 1-17. Advance online publication.
  5. Consultants as intermediaries - Their perceptions on citizen involvem…

    Stapper, E. W., Van der Veen, M., & Janssen-Jansen, L. B. (2020). Consultants as intermediaries: Their perceptions on citizen involvement in urban development. Environment and Planning C, 38(1), 60-78.

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