As a professor of comparative governance, I am focused in research and teaching on the ways in which modern democratic governance works and changes. Currently, I am caught by the advent of mixed or 'hybrid' democratic innovation, combining talk-centric and vote-centric formats of reform, investigating when and how they can work in the context of established representative democracy. In a new book I deal with this topic: 'Rethinking Democratic Innovation', Oxford University Press, 2023, forthcoming.

The new book is a sequel to 'Vital Democracy', Oxford University Press, 2010. In a review of this book, Kjaer wrote: "It will definitely be on my bookshelf right next to classics on the subject by, for instance, Lijphart, Held and Dahl." Lijphart called it: "a wonderful book... highly innovative...completely original... Compulsory reading for all those talking about democracy."

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My expertise lies at the intersection of Public Administration and Political Science. I am interested in comparative, institutional and cultural analysis of democratic  governance, reform and innovation, democratic leadership and citizenship, at the level of the urban region and the democratic state at large. 

My research is published in international journals such as: Public Administration; Goverment & Opposition; Administration & Society; International Review of Administrative Sciences; Democratization; Acta Politica; Urban Affairs Review; International Journal of Public Administration; Local Government Studies; Administrative Theory and Praxis; Regional & Federal Studies; Leadership; Innovation; Journal of Political Marketing;  Cross-Cultural Research; GeoJournal; Dutch Crossing; Politics, Culture & Socialization.


Current teaching focuses on core themes in public governance; values of good governance; democratic politics; networks and institutions in public administration; comparative research.

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Frank Hendriks is Fellow at the Montesquieu Institute in The Hague and was Visiting Fellow at St Edmund's College, Cambridge University, at IDHEAP in Lausanne, Switzerland, at Harvard University, UCLA and USC, in the US, and member of various (international) research networks and editorial boards. He is the co-editor of the Oxford Handbook of Local and Regional Democracy in Europe. He has conducted extensive research, partly commissioned by public bodies, on governance and democracy at the local, regional, national and European level.

Recent publications

  1. Majoritarian and consensual patterns in political news: A longitudina…

    Ergün, E., Karsten, N., & Hendriks, F. (Accepted/In press). Majoritarian and consensual patterns in political news: A longitudinal British-Dutch study of expressions of media logic (2000-2020). Journalism: Theory, Practice & Criticism.
  2. The deliberative referendum - An idea whose time has come?

    Hendriks, F., & Wagenaar, C. C. L. (2023). The deliberative referendum: An idea whose time has come? Administration & Society, 55(3), 569-590.
  3. Key values for democratic governance innovation - Two traditions and …

    Hendriks, F. (2022). Key values for democratic governance innovation: Two traditions and a synthesis. Public Administration, 100(4), 803-820.
  4. Opinie - Rutte en co, kijk eens naar Ierland als jullie invloed burge…

    Hendriks, F., Wagenaar, C. C. L., Sipma, T., & Michels, A. (2022). Opinie: Rutte en co, kijk eens naar Ierland als jullie invloed burgers willen vergroten. Volkskrant.
  5. Jongeren, duurzaamheid en democratie - Jongeren op innovatieve wijze …

    de Haas, W., Wagenaar, C. C. L., During, R., Bolt, J., Hendriks, F., van Keulen, I., & Korthagen, I. (2021). Jongeren, duurzaamheid en democratie: Jongeren op innovatieve wijze betrekken in een vroeg stadium van politieke besluitvorming.

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