My name is Gert Meyers, and since November 2020 I'm part of the Tilburg Institute of Law, Technology & Society (TILT, TLS). I obtained my training and PhD at the University of Leuven, where I conducted research on the application and introduction of Big Data and behavior-based personalisation in insurance practices. I have a background in STS, performativity studies, the pragmatist sociology of markets and governmentality studies.

My research interests are personalisation in insurance, the role of economic expectations of technologies, economic experimentation with new technologies and shifting solidarities in European societies.

I am currently involved in the 'Blockchain and the Network Society' NWO-MVI research project, where I will investigate the social implications of Blockchain technologies for the reconfiguration of value(s) (conflicts) and the rule of law.


Sociology of markets

Sciences & Technology Studies (STS)

Governmentality Studies


Actor-Network Theory


Recent publications

  1. Technologie is niet neutraal, dat zou Dijkgraaf moeten weten

    de Groot, A. (Author), Taylor, L. (Author), Noorman, M. (Author), de Souza, S. (Author), Meyers, G. (Author), & Broer, T. (Author). (2022). Technologie is niet neutraal, dat zou Dijkgraaf moeten weten. Web publication/site, .
  2. Democratic research - Setting up a research commons for a qualitative…

    Meyers, G., Zimmermann, B. M., Wagenaar, H., Kieslich, K., Prainsack, B., Buyx, A., El-Sayed, S., Fiske, A., Galasso, I., Geiger, S., Hangel, N., Horn, R., Johnson, S., Kuiper, J. M. L., Lucivero, F., McLennan, S., Paul, K. T., Pot, M., Radhuber, I., ... Weiss, E. (2022). Democratic research: Setting up a research commons for a qualitative, comparative, longitudinal interview study during the COVID-19 pandemic. SSM - Qualitative Research in Health, 2, 1-7. [100158].
  3. Artificial intelligence governance principles - Towards ethical and t…

    EIOPA´s Consultative Expert Group on Digital Ethics in insurance (2021). Artificial intelligence governance principles: Towards ethical and trustworthy artificial intelligence in the European insurance sector. EIOPA.
  4. 'Er is nog veel niet geweten' - Solidariteit in het licht van onzeker…

    Meyers, G. (2021). 'Er is nog veel niet geweten': Solidariteit in het licht van onzekerheid. Filosofie - Tijdschrift, 31(6), 10-13.
  5. Introduction - Shifting solidarities in European societies

    Hoyweghen, I. V., Meyers, G., & Pulignano, V. (2020). Introduction: Shifting solidarities in European societies. In I. Van Hoyweghen, G. Meyers, & V. Pulignano (Eds.), Shifting solidarities: Trends and developments in European societies (pp. 1-23). Palgrave Macmillan.

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