Giorgio is Professor of Competition Law at Tilburg Law School. He began his career in the UK (Leicester 1993-2001 and London School of Economics 2001-2010) before taking up the Chair in competition law at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy (2010-2019). While at the EUI he helped establish the Florence Competition Program which carries out research and training for judges and executives. He also served as Head of the Law Department at the EUI. His principal field of research is competition law, a subject he enjoys tackling from an economic and a policy perspective. Together with Damian Chalmers and Gareth Davies he is a co-author of European Union Law: Text and Materials (4th ed, Cambridge University Press, 2019), one of the major texts on the subject. He is one of the editors of the Common Market Law Review.

New publication (with other CERRE scholars): The European proposal for a Digital Markets Act: A first assessment


I teach two courses on competition law:

Regulating Competition is an introductory Masters level course where we study the application of EU competition law from an interdisciplinary perspective;

Competition and Market Risks is a more advanced course where we cover the EU's regulation of state activities and fields where competition law intersects with other regulatory domains.

I have supervised over 20 PhD theses to completion, with many students joining academia in the EU or further afield. I welcome informal inquiries from prospective supervisees.


Recent publications

  1. Enforcing the Digital Markets Act - Institutional choices, compliance…

    Crémer, J., Dinielli, D., Heidhues, P., Kimmelman, G., Monti, G., Podszun, R., Schnitzer, M., Morton, F. S., & de Streel, A. (2023). Enforcing the Digital Markets Act: Institutional choices, compliance, and antitrust. Journal of Antitrust Enforcement, 1-35. Advance online publication.
  2. Rebates after the General Court’s 2022 Intel judgment

    Monti, G. (2023). Rebates after the General Court’s 2022 Intel judgment. Common Market Law Review, 60(1), 107-140.
  3. The special responsibility of dominant undertakings

    Monti, G., & Rousseva, E. (2023). The special responsibility of dominant undertakings. In P. Akman, O. Brook, & K. Stylianou (Eds.), Research handbook on abuse of dominance and monopolization (pp. 239-258). (Research Handbooks in Competition Law series). Edward Elghar.
  4. Excessive pricing in pharmaceuticals - Perspectives from EU antitrust…

    Monti, G., & Hancher, L. (2022). Excessive pricing in pharmaceuticals: Perspectives from EU antitrust and regulation. In W. Sauter, M. Canoy, & J. Mulder (Eds.), EU competition law and pharmaceuticals (pp. 262-278). Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd..
  5. Implementing a sustainability agenda in EU competition law

    Monti, G. (2022). Implementing a sustainability agenda in EU competition law. Paper presented at Vienna Competition Law Days, Vienna, Austria.

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