We are Tilburg University

We are Tilburg University


My research interests are international economics and economic growth.

In my research, I explore the ways in which globalization affects the reallocation of resources between regions or agents, and the impact this can have on long-term aggregate economic performance.

I hold a PhD in Economics from UCLouvain.

You can reach my personal webpage following this link.

You can learn more about research in macroeconomics at Tilburg visiting our webpage.


Recent publications

  1. Uneven Growth in the Extensive Margin - Explaining the Lag of Agricul…

    Ourens, G. (2018). Uneven Growth in the Extensive Margin: Explaining the Lag of Agricultural Economies. (CentER Discussion Paper; Vol. 2018-051). CentER, Center for Economic Research.
  2. Trade and growth with heterogeneous firms revisited

    Ourens, G. (2016). Trade and growth with heterogeneous firms revisited. Journal of International Economics, 100, 194-202.


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