My name is Hans Siebers. I have always been fascinated by equality and inclusion issues that challenge the lives of particular people . That holds true for my Ma and PhD theses on indigenous people in Guatemala in the previous century as well as for my current work on ethno-migrant diversity in the Dutch labour market and education. What are the factors and mechanisms that produce unequal access to, for example, jobs, salaries and promotion chances between migrants and non-migrants and how are these sociological questions related to psychological well-being and recognition? My aim is to contribute to answering these questions and, based on that, develop viable and effective policies that open up perspectives for people as well as the organisations and societies they work and live in.  From here, I have carried out a number of  projects together with societal partners, published in leading journals and developed a Master programme called Management of Cultural Diversity.


My expertise focuses on ethno-migrant inequality and diversity, ethnicity, culture, identity, multiculturalism, nationalism, racism,  migrants and inclusion in society in general and more specifically in the labour market and in education. I focus on the micro level of individual experiences and interactions, on the meso level factors and management interventions of organisations as well as on the societal context and discourses.  That requires expertise on both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. 


I have developed several educational programmes, the most recent one is a Master called Management of Cultural Diversity. I teach on subjects like culture, identity, diversity, ethnicity, multiculturalism, nationalism, racism, management, labour relations, labour control, organisations, HRM, discrimination and inclusion.



I consider teaching to be a vocation. Of course, teaching is about transmitting knowledge, instructing students on how to develop their skills and supervising them while writing their theses. However, the most important thing is to inspire fascination and interest in the subjects to focus on.  Teaching is about kindling a fire in the hearts and minds (both) of students about subjects and issues that have a much wider significance in society and to other people than themselves.


I have published in leading publishing houses as well as in journals like Sociology; Current Sociology; International Sociology; Work, Employment and Society;  Ethnic and Racial Studies; British Journal of Sociology of Education; Scandinavian Journal of Management...

I have been keynote speaker at several occasions, including at the CNRS-URMIS seminar, Nice, January 12, 2018. See

I have carried out research projects based on which I developed tailor-made policy recommendations in organisations including the Dutch police, the Dutch tax administration, the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality; The Hague University of Applied Sciences; the Province of North-Holland; the municipalities of Eindhoven, Arnhem, Haarlemmermeer and Zaanstad. Currently, projects are on their way in the Province of South-Holland and the municipality of Tilburg.

I give advice to societal partners like the Netherlands Institute on Human Rights and recently to the Dutch Ministry of Social Afairs and Employment on their labour market policies to improve the labour market participation of people with a migration background.

Recent publications

  1. Aanvullend onderzoek naar ongelijke behandeling bij de briefselectie …

    Siebers, H. (2023). Aanvullend onderzoek naar ongelijke behandeling bij de briefselectie bij de gemeente Eindhoven. Is er sprake van verwatering en omkering van het diversiteitsbeleid? Tilburg University.
  2. Is de gemeente op de goede weg? Een tweede vervolgstudie naar de impa…

    Siebers, H. (2023). Is de gemeente op de goede weg? Een tweede vervolgstudie naar de impact van het diversiteitsbeleid van de gemeente Eindhoven. Tilburg University.
  3. Liberaliseer migratie en veel problemen verdwijnen

    Siebers, H., & Spadavecchia, C. (2023). Liberaliseer migratie en veel problemen verdwijnen. Trouw.
  4. Rapporten over institutioneel racisme laten veel steken vallen

    Siebers, H. (2023). Rapporten over institutioneel racisme laten veel steken vallen. Tijdschrift voor sociale vraagstukken.
  5. Beleid tegen racisme versterkt juist de discriminatie op de werkvloer

    Siebers, H. (2022). Beleid tegen racisme versterkt juist de discriminatie op de werkvloer. Trouw.

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