Hezha Mohammed Khan is a Ph.D. candidate in Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence department at Tilburg University. Her research is mainly on the applications of AI and Data Science in the Humanitarian sector. Hezha has a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering, in 2020 she completed her MSc in Data Science and Society at Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences. During her masters study she collaborated with the Zero Hunger Lab at Tilburg University on employing deep neural networks to predict body measurements for the purpose of detecting early malnutrition in children. In 2020 She officially joined the Zero Hunger Lab as a researcher which later on lead to her appointment as a Ph.D. candidate. Outside of work, Hezha is very active in the youth network globally and in regionally in the middle east, she encourages young people to take the lead in making changes in their local communities, she is and TEDx speaker, AMENDS fellow, and UNESCO Youth of 2017.


Creating Value from Data


Child Growth Monitor - Welthungerhilfe 

Recent publications

  1. Image-based body shape estimation to detect malnutrition

    Mohammedkhan, H., Güven, Ç., Balvert, M., & Postma, E. (2023). Image-based body shape estimation to detect malnutrition. Paper presented at Intelligent Systems Conference, Amsterdam.
  2. Predicting human body dimensions from single images: A first step in …

    Mohammedkhan, H., Balvert, M., Güven, Ç., & Postma, E. (2021). Predicting human body dimensions from single images: A first step in automatic malnutrition detection. In Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on AI for People: Towards Sustainable AI EAI.

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