We are Tilburg University

We are Tilburg University


My research goal is to advance the understanding of cognitive and adaptive systems by examining how theories, models, and organisms cope with extended uncertainty conditions. My lab webpage explains this research program in greater detail.

This research cuts across disciplinary divisions to investigate fundamental questions in the study of rationality, decision science, linguistic theory, economic theory, and evolutionary and adaptive systems. I use machine learning techniques, statistical modeling, and laboratory and online experiments with human participants to explore these issues.


Recent publications

  1. Beyond quantified ignorance - rebuilding rationality without the bias…

    Brighton, H. (2019). Beyond quantified ignorance: rebuilding rationality without the bias bias. (Economics Discussion Papers; No. 2019-25). Kiel Institute for the World Economy.
  2. Rationality without optimality - Bounded and ecological rationality f…

    Brighton, H. (2018). Rationality without optimality: Bounded and ecological rationality from a Marrian perspective. In PsyArXiv
  3. Building the Theory of Ecological Rationality

    Todd, P. M., & Brighton, H. (2016). Building the Theory of Ecological Rationality. Minds and Machines, 26(1-2), 9–30.
  4. Introducing Artificial Intelligence - A Graphic Guide

    Brighton, H. (2015). Introducing Artificial Intelligence: A Graphic Guide. Icon Books.
  5. L'intelligence Artificielle En Images

    Brighton, H., & Selina, H. (2015). L'intelligence Artificielle En Images. EDP Sciences.

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