dr. Hanna Lukkari

dr. Hanna Lukkari

Assistant Professor

TLS: Tilburg Law School
TLS: Public Law and Governance


I am currently Assistant Professor in Philosophy of Law at the department of Public Law and Governance. Prior to joining Tilburg in August 2022, I obtained a doctorate cum laude in legal theory at the University of Helsinki in 2020 and worked as a postdoctoral researcher. In my doctoral dissertation, I analyzed how a selection of legal and political philosophers deal with paradoxes in law.

My background is in philosophy, and I am interested in analyzing legal globalization and its material-technological underpinnings from the perspectives of legal and political philosophy, theory of constitutionalism as well as philosophy of technology.

In addition to my doctoral work, I have published articles in continental political philosophy and philosophy of human rights. I have also translated several books in philosophy into Finnish.

In my current research, I aim to develop a philosophical-sociological theory of political constitutionalism in the context of algorithmic governance.



I teach and coordinate the philosophy courses at the  Global Law Bachelor program. I am very keen on teaching the somewhat unconventional topic of philosophy of global law and developing the courses further. 

I aim to create philosophy courses that are relevant for global law students in particular and that focus on how philosophical theories and concepts help us navigate contemporary legal, political and social phenomena with global significance. 


Recent publications

  1. The concept of liberal democratic law

    Lukkari, H. (2021). The concept of liberal democratic law. Jurisprudence: An international journal of legal and political thought, 12(4), 628-636.
  2. Hannah Arendt

    Lukkari, H. L., & Reuter, A. M. (2020). Hannah Arendt. In M. Sellers, S. Kirste, & F. Zanetti (Eds.), Encyclopedia of the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy Springer.
  3. Hannah Arendt and the Glimmering Paradox of Constituent Power

    Lukkari, H. L. (2020). Hannah Arendt and the Glimmering Paradox of Constituent Power. In M. Arvidsson, L. Brännström, & P. Minkkinen (Eds.), Constituent Power: Law, Popular Rule and Politics (pp. 97-113). Edinburgh University Press.
  4. Law, Politics and Paradox - Orientations in Legal Formalism

    Lukkari, H. L. (2020). Law, Politics and Paradox: Orientations in Legal Formalism. University of Helsinki. http://urn.fi/URN:ISBN:978-951-51-6350-9
  5. Vieraan oikeus - Hannah Arendt ja ihmisoikeudet [The Right of Strange…

    Lukkari, H. L. (2019). Vieraan oikeus - Hannah Arendt ja ihmisoikeudet [The Right of Strangers: Hannah Arendt on Human Rights]. In M. Aalto-Heinilä, & V. Kurki (Eds.), Mitä oikeudet ovat? : Filosofian ja oikeustieteen näkökulmia (pp. 146-158). Gaudeamus.

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