Nina Kupper Ph.D. is associate professor of Medical and Clinical Psychology at Tilburg University, the Netherlands. Before her appointment at Tilburg University she worked at the Georgia Prevention Institute, Georgia Regents University, Augusta (GA), US. Dr. Kupper received her Ph.D. from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (2005), focusing on the behavioral genetics of ambulatory cardiovascular functioning. Since then, her research career has centered on explanatory mechanisms in behavioral cardiology. Currently, Dr. Kupper investigates individual differences in association with psychophysiological mechanisms in patients with heart disease. At the moment, several studies are running (THORESCI, PSYCHE) in which she investigates psychological risk and protection factors and related biobehavioral mechanisms in association with cardiovascular disease progression after percutaneous coronary intervention.






Dr. Kupper is actively involved in the field of Psychosomatic Medicine, serving on the editorial boards of Psychosomatic Medicine and General Hospital Psychiatry. She also has served as a reviewer of NWO and Dutch Heart Foundation grant applications and takes part in the ZonMW Rubicon committee.

Dr. Kupper has collaborations with various national and international institutes and researchers, for example:

* Leader of 'Genetics of Type D' consortium, including LifeLines (UMC Groningen), NTR & NESDA (VU Amsterdam), KORA/MONICA (Munich), and Gutenberg Health study databases.  

* Circadian rhythm studies (Ulm University, USC Irvine)

* Psychosocial screening in heart disease (University clinic of Goettingen, University clinic of Koln)

Top publications

  1. The tense the hostile and the distressed - Multidimensional psychosoc…

    van Montfort, E. M. J., Denollet, J., Vermunt, J. K., Widdershoven, J. W. M. G., & Kupper, N. (2017). The tense the hostile and the distressed: Multidimensional psychosocial risk profiles based on the ESC interview in coronary artery disease patients. The THORESCI study. General Hospital Psychiatry: Psychiatry, Medicine and Primary Care, 47, 103-111.
  2. Type D personality as a risk factor in coronary heart disease - A rev…

    Kupper, N., & Denollet, J. (2018). Type D personality as a risk factor in coronary heart disease: A review of current evidence. Current Cardiology Reports, 20(11), Article 104.

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