He is a lecturer at TiSEM school since Aug 2019. He did his Ph.D. in Logistics and Freight transport at Delft University of Technology in 2018. His research was about the network-level analysis of the market and the performance of Intermodal freight transport networks. Before joining the TiU, he was a Postdoc senior researcher at Erasmus and Wageningen Universities doing research about the role of new technologies e.g., blockchain in creating collaboration in logistics and intermodal/ synchromodal freight transport systems.



- Intermodal/ Synchromodal freight transport network analysis

- SCM & logistics planning

- Transport economics

- Sustainable Last-mile delivery

- Competition Economics

- Efficiency analysis of the transport systems (Data Envelopment analysis)

- Collaboration in transport systems

- Supply chain network design


- Distribution management

- Sustainable supply chain management

- Project management

- Research skills in supply chain management


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