I work as an educational consultant and training in the field of education, innovation and technology; specializing in audio and video in education.

As a designer and teacher I combine the best of these two worlds.
Education to me is inspiring and motivating students to develop and explore their talents and skills in an active and fun way; research the world around you by exploring, experimenting and asking questions.
Design is combining this understanding of the world around you with new and old (technological) possibilities to develop new concepts.


Education, Video, Audio, weblectures, screencast, MyMediasite, ICT & Education, Innovation, Instructional Design, blended education, flipping the classroom, Training & coaching,  Creative thinking,


Teacher Training:

- Create your own knowledge clips using MyMediasite

- Online module Myclips video to support your teaching

- Adding real time annotations in lectures using Document Camera and Chalkbox software

- Include the outside world in your lecture using Skype videoconferencing

- Wireless presentation and collaboration using the MirrorOp app in WePresent and WeConnect for lectures

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