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Inge Graef is Assistant Professor at Tilburg Law School with affiliations to the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT) and the Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC).

She is co-chairing the Digital Clearinghouse initiative, which aims to facilitate cooperation, dialogue and exchange of insights between regulatory authorities across Europe and beyond in the areas of competition, data protection and consumer law. Inge is also appointed as a member of the European Commission's expert group to the EU Observatory on the Online Platform Economy.

The focus of Inge's research is on competition enforcement in the digital economy. She is particularly interested in the interface between competition law and other fields of EU law such as data protection, intellectual property and electronic communications law. Other research interests include the Digital Single Market and net neutrality.


Recent publications

  1. Hybrid Differentiation and Competition Beyond Markets

    Graef, I. (2020). Hybrid Differentiation and Competition Beyond Markets. Competition Policy International - Antitrust Chronicle, June 2020(II), 1-8. https://www.competitionpolicyinternational.com/hybrid-differentiation-and-competition-beyond-markets/
  2. Spill-overs in data governance - Uncovering the uneasy relationship b…

    Graef, I., Husovec, M., & van den Boom, J. (2020). Spill-overs in data governance: Uncovering the uneasy relationship between the GDPR’s right to data portability and EU sector-specific data access regimes. Journal of European Consumer and Market Law = EuCML, 9(1), 3-16. https://beck-online.beck.de/?vpath=bibdata%2fzeits%2fEUCML%2f2020%2fcont%2fEUCML%2e2020%2eH01%2egl2%2ehtm
  3. To regulate or not to regulate Big Tech

    Graef, I., & Costa-Cabral, F. (2020). To regulate or not to regulate Big Tech. Concurrences, 2020(1), 24-29.
  4. Pre-formulated declarations of data subject consent - Citizen-consume…

    Clifford, D., Graef, I., & Valcke, P. (2019). Pre-formulated declarations of data subject consent: Citizen-consumer empowerment and the alignment of data, consumer and competition law protections. German Law Journal, 20(5), 679-721.
  5. Differentiated treatment in platform-to-business relations - EU compe…

    Graef, I. (2019). Differentiated treatment in platform-to-business relations: EU competition law and economic dependence. Yearbook of European Law, 38(1), 448-499.

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